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Zhucheng’s Dinosaur World: (诸城恐龙世界)

Zhucheng Tyrannosaurus Rex

It’s “Dinosaur World” as the curator of this world renowned Dinosaur Geo-Park puts it. The now world famous sites, just a little south of the Zhucheng City (诸城市山东) in Shandong lays the world largest collection of dinosaur bones, skeletons and footprints. Opened to the public since July 2011 you can now see huge dinosaurs skeletons in fighting poses as we imagined it must have been like during the late Cretaceous period (145.5 to 65.5 million years ago). See giant skeletons of the tyrannosaurus, ankylosaurus and the ceratosaurus dinosaurs.

Zhucheng Dragon

Zhucheng City’s Dinosaur World has discovered large areas of dinosaur fossils since 2008 and has constructed four dinosaur museums, including the Cretaceous Dinosaur Geopark (诸城恐龙国家地质公园), Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum (诸城恐龙博物馆), Huanglong Valley Dinosaur Footprint Museum (皇龙谷恐龙足迹博物馆), and the Dinosaur Egg Museum (诸城中国暴龙馆).

Zhucheng Family Photo

Excavation began in 1964 when archeologists uncovered tons of dinosaur fossils including the Shandong Dragon which stood eight meters tall and fifteen meters long. The second excavation was from 1989 to 1991 when they unearthed the world’s tallest Hadrosaur skeleton measuring 9.1 meters high and 16.6 meters long. You can view these massive creatures’ skeletons in the Dinosaur Museum. With over 7,600 fossils this region constitutes the world largest find of dinosaur, plant and other species from the Cretaceous period.

I would like to thank Keld Agerskov and his wife for the above pictures and especially thank their daughter Namol her thoughts after visiting the park in 2012.
(Click here for Namol’s PDF presentation – 2.3 megs)

Hours of Operations:

Opening time: The museums are open to the public seven days a week 8am – 5:30pm.

Telephone: 0536 – 6166609

Ticket prices:
The Cretaceous Dinosaur Geo-Park and Museum 100 RMB per/person.

Hours of Operations:

There are four sites located in the Zhucheng city area. You can’t miss it coming into Zhucheng from any direction just follow the signs or ask the toll booth person which direction to turn after going through the toll booth.

Zhucheng City’s Dinosaur World on Mizhou West Road (密州西路) which is also the S217 Provincial Road.

GPS Coordinates for the main museum: 36.009095,119.394071 To view this location on Google Earth or Google Maps just put these coordinates “36.009933,119.390055” into the main search field and click enter. Turn on “Satellite View” to get a good look of this locations geological surrounding. Use “Map View” for directions from your location.

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