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Sightseeing and Tourism of Qingdao, Huangdao & Shandong

Huangdao is a rapidly growing and changing district of Qingdao. Also called The West Coast New Tourist Zone Huangdao boasts several 5-Star Theme Resorts, a 7-Star Hotel, Golden and Silver Sands beaches and a rising city of office towers and shopping malls.


qingdao-shell-museum[Qingdao Shell Museum]
This Shell Museum regards the seashell as the theme and develops into a shells research, shells collection, shells education and shells cultural tourism for the integrated shell museum and has the largest T station in China.
Qingdao Mingjia Art Museum[Qingdao Mingjia Art Museum]
Qingdao Mingjia Art Museum is one of Qingdao’s Phoenix Island’s must see points of interest that will appeal to any art lover’s palette. It features a large collection of historic watercolor paintings dating back as far as the 16th century as well as periodic exhibitions by some of China’s most prestigious modern artists.
Rio-carnival-resort-huangdao[Rio Carnival Resort]
Rio Carnival is conceptualized as a large-scale mixed-use commercial, residential and tourism complex, including brand name outlet mall, several decent restaurants, a nice modern Movie Theater and an Indoor Ice Skating rink.
cang-ma-shan[Huangdao Cang Mashan Amusement Park]
Cang Ma Mountain Park is a quite new and quite a beautiful tourist park for children with many different kinds of amusement rides for kids of all ages.
bike-page-top-1-scaled[Motorcycle Routes of Huangdao]
As with many cities in Shandong, Qingdao’s Huangdao has a group of guys that like to ride. We put on a lot of kilometers throughout the riding season and welcome all bikes. Whether big or small as long as you can keep up we welcome you to join.
Mangrove-Tree-Resort-Huangdao[Mangrove Tree Resort]
Mangrove Tree Resort Area in Huangdao is the latest leisure resort in this area. Located on the Lingshan Bay beach area in the old Jiaonan.
St.-Valentine's-Manor[St. Valentine’s Manor]
St. Valentine’s Manor is located in Wangtai Town of Huangdao District in Qingdao. This is a romantic area to visit generally.
west-coast-eco-park[The West Coast of Qingdao Agricultural Sightseeing Garden]
The west coast of Qingdao Agricultural sightseeing garden is located in the Lingshan Bay film and Television Cultural Industry Zone of the west coast of Qingdao.
Phoenix Island Beijing Film University[Phoenix Island Beijing Film University]
The Beijing Film University is not only to develop our country industrialization and internationalization of training future important base, and at the same time. It is an important project of cultural industry of Qingdao development.
zhushan-animal-park[Qingdao Wildlife Park]
Jiaonan Little Pearl Mountain Wildlife Park is a national 4 A level tourism scenic area. It’s located on the west side of Qingdao’s Kaifaqu (economic and technological development zone).
Xiaozhushan[Jiaonan Little Pearl Mountain]
Jiaonan Little Pearl Mountain is located in Qingdao’s west coast, and east side meets the Qingdao economic and technological development zone, south near Lingshanwei town, west said meets the Jiaonan downtown, north is nearby the Little Pearl Mountain national forest park, with a total area of 3.3 square kilometers.
Dazhushan[Jiaonan Big Pearl Mountain]
Big Pearl Mountain is in southeast coast of Jiaonan, north – south length is more than 20 km, straight into the sea, the elevation is 486 meters, with a total area is 65 square kilometers.
Langyatai is in southwest seaside of Jiaonan downtown 26 km, in 1982, the state council announced Langyatai was listed the first national key scenic spot, in 1993, Qingdao people’s government announced Langyatai for Qingdao scenic tourist area.
Qi-Dynasty-Great-Wall[Qi Dynasty Great Wall]
The Qingdao Qi Dynasty Great Wall site is located in Qingdao city of China, raised from the west to east of Jiaonan, across Jiaonan six towns and Xinan street agency of Huangdao area, and across the Shimei, Liuwang, iron mountain, hidden bead, Huangshan, Lingshanwei six towns, across 215 peaks, and total length is 68.1 km.
Tangdao Bay Amusement Park[Tangdao Bay Amusement Park]
Tangdao Bay Amusement Park, one of life’s little pleasures that you can enjoy mostly free, is a fun place to bring the family for a bike ride along the Bay. Here you’ll find a kiddy pool and rides for children and the young at heart.
Phoenix Island Ship Building[Phoenix Island Ship Building]
Phoenix Island is surrounded by water, with a famous qianwan port; also there has very much ship building, such as north ship heavy industry, wu ship heavy industry, CNOC and McDermott.
Tangdao Bay Park[Tangdao Bay Park]
Tangdao Bay park is located in the middle of coastal highway Tang Island Bay section and tang island bay, 7.2 kilometers long, covers an area of 1 million square meters. It is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and leisurely walkways.
Tangdao Bay South Side Park[Tangdao Bay South Side Park]
Phoenix Island’s Tangdao Bay south side park is an exhilarating stroll along the bay dotted with unique sculptures, flower gardens, water fountains, trees and pagodas that are beautiful settings for photo shoots, relaxing in the shade while learning about local culture and contemplating which site to visit next.
Jiaonan Red Destination Museum[Jiaonan Red Destination Museum]
Jiaonan Red Destination museum was founded in March 22, 1983. It is in the most prosperous in the city, in the cultural center house, it has rational layout and beautiful environment.
Qingdao Kaifaqu Government Park[Qingdao Kaifaqu Government Park]
This park is centrally situated directly across from Qingdao’s Kaifaqu government buildings on Changjiang Road, convenient to buses and shopping at the nearby Jusco and other shopping plazas. Nicely sculptured waterways and paths make for romantic strolls at any time of the year and anytime of the day or night.
Langyatai Tourist Beach Resort[Langyatai Tourist Beach Resort]
Langyatai Tourist Beach Resort is based on seaside tourism, it is a comprehensive tourist resort incorporated with business, history culture and leisure sightseeing tour.
Phoenix Island Golden Sands Beach[Phoenix Island Golden Sands Beach]
Golden Sands Beach, (金沙滩 Jinshatan), is by far Phoenix Island’s busiest and most famous hot spot.
Phoenix Island Silver Sands Beach[Phoenix Island Silver Sands Beach]
Phoenix Island’s Silver Sands Beach stretches along the coast in a crescent moon shape for well over a kilometer. Its expansive horizons and warm refreshing waters invite sun lovers to wade into its sandy shallow waters that gradually deepen to meet crashing waves that promote body surfing and pleasure for everyone.
Qingdao Silver Sands Beach Resort Houses[Qingdao Silver Sands Beach Resort Houses]
Silver Beach resort houses is located in Qingdao Silver Beach development zone of the southwest, huangdao south, near Xuejiadao ferry pier, which is located in the tunnel portal, Silver Beach Resort is nearby the silver beach seashore holiday beach, 270 degrees with nature in a glance.


jiaozhou-da-gu-he-history-museum[Jiaozhou Da Gu He History Museum]
Jiaozhou Da Gu He History Museum is located on the west of Daguhe and the east side of the Shaohai North Road. This museum covers an area of about 5000 square meters and has six exhibition halls.
Phoenix Island Golden Sands Amusement Park[Phoenix Island Golden Sands Amusement Park]
Golden Sands Beach has a pleasant environment; it includes seashore leisure entertainment, food, swimming and sunbathing.
Seventeen-Cities-of-Shandong[Star Rated Tour Places Shandong-2017]
A complete list of 5, 4, and 3 Star Tourist and Sightseeing places in and around Huangdao and Shandong Province.
Tea-Mountain-Scenic-Area[Tea Mountain Scenic Area]
Tea Mountain Sen is located in Dianzi Town of Pingdu City in Qingdao. This scenic area has three tourist routes, which contains hiking on the top of the mountain, riding route and the Tea Lake route.
yishui-cave[Yishui Underground Caves]
Just north of Linyi City (临沂市) lays this beautiful little tourist town Yishui (沂水) with the AAAA Rated Under Ground Grand Canyon and Underground Florescent Lake.
Rizhao-tourist-resort[Rizhao Seaside Resort]
This national park has many things to do so you will likely need two or three days to take in most of the sites. Located on a long stretch of golden sandy beach that is lined with hotels and restaurants you can enjoy parasailing, rent beach bikes and swim in the Yellow Sea.
zhou-jia-kuang-creek[Qingdao’s ZhouJiaKuang Eco-Park]
This is a nice little park that makes for a nice motorcycle ride or an afternoon car drive if you live in the Qingdao area. I think it is not that special of a destination if you have to come from another Shandong city but if visiting Qingdao then you may want to make it part of your plans.
zhucheng-dragon[Zhucheng Dinosaur World Geo-Park]
It’s “Dinosaur World” as the curator of this world renowned Dinosaur Geo-Park puts it. Now open to the public this geological wonder displays millions of year’s history with high tech displays and much more.
green-jade-2[Qingdao’s Laoshan (Jade Laced) Green Stone]
Laoshan Mountain is located on the shore of the Yellow sea in North East China in Shandong province. The highest peak of Laoshan Mountain is 1133 meters. Overlooking the sea, the mountain is characterized by the imposing canyon and undulating peaks and mystery mist.
Jiaonan Christian Church[Jiaonan Christian Church]
Jingtai Mountain Christ church is in located hidden bead development zone of Qingdao Jiaonan on the west coast, south coast is nearby champagne uptown, and it distance about 50 kilometers apart to Qingdao port.

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