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Site map of all resources and pages on

[Tourism Page] Lists all sightseeing and tourist destinations in and around Shandong, China.

[Shandong Tourism Travel Tips]

[Motorcycle cruising Roads in Huangdao]

[Cangmashan Tourist Resort Park]

[Rizhao Seaside Resort]

[Zhucheng Dinosaur World Geo-Park]

[Yishui Underground Caves]

[ZhouJiaKuang Eco-Park]

[Qingdao’s Laoshan Green Jade Stone Sculptures and Gifts]

[Qingdao Wildlife Park zoo]

[Jiaonan Little Pearl Mountain]

[Jiaonan Big Pearl Mountain]


[Qi Dynasty Great Wall]

[Phoenix Island Beijing Film University]

[Phoenix Island Ship Building]

[Qingdao Mingjia Art Museum]

[Tangdao Bay Amusement Park]

[Tangdao Bay Park]

[Tangdao Bay Binhai Shopping Plaza]

[Tangdao Bay South Side Park]

[Jiaonan Christian Church]

[Jiaonan Golf Course]

[Jiaonan Red Destination Museum]

[Kaifaqu Golf Course]

[Qingdao Kaifaqu Government Park]

[Health & Fitness Centers]

[The Kaifaqu Jiajiayuan Cinema]

[Kaifaqu Par 3 Golf Course]

[Kaifaqu Shopping Centers]

[Langyatai Tourist Beach Resort]

[Phoenix Island Golden Sands Beach]

[Phoenix Island Golden Sands Amusement Park]

[Phoenix Island Golden Sands Seaside Market]

[Phoenix Island Golden Sands Beach Outdoor Theatre]

[Phoenix Island Silver Sands Beach]

[Qingdao Silver Sands Beach Resort Houses]

[Qingdao Shell Museum]


[Video’s Page] Lists all video’s on this website.


[Services Page] Lists all services supporting foreigners in Huangdao area.

[Medical and Dental Services in Huangdao]

[Mandarin Chinese for Foreigners]

[Tourism Shandong Services]

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