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We are building the most comprehensive English based website to support foreigners living and working from this area. If you would like to be involved and/or cooperate in the development share your good ideas or offer products and services, please [contact us].


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Services of Huangdao

This page is designed to provide unique and common services that foreigners could use while living, working and or traveling from Qingdao, Huangdao, China. Please let us know if you have a legitimate service for the foreign community and we will be happy to add a page.

English-Website-Services-for-Huangdao[Websites Blogs Taobao Stores Ecommerce ]
Need a Website, a Taobao Store, or want to do some Ecommerce? We can help. With over 20 years of website building experience, competent staff to support English language CMS platforms and a little western creativity to help design and build your digital products in Huangdao >>>>>>> Read More.
[网站 博客 淘宝商城 电子商务]
需要一个网站,一个淘宝店,或者想做电子商务吗?我们可以为您提供服务!超过20年的网站建设经验,我们的员工有能力设计好英文CMS平台的网站,并且一些西方的创意可以为您黄岛的数码产品上午网站的设计和建设提供帮助。>>>>>>> 更多
Logo-Bili[Co-Developing Products & Companies]
Bili International is actively looking for partners in China. If you have an excellent product or service idea then consider joining minds and resources to produce new products and services to support the local foreign community >>>>>>> Read More.
比利国际在中国正积极寻求合作伙伴。如果你有优秀的产品或服务理念,那么请考虑加入你的想法和资源来生产新的产品和业务,以支持当地的外国人群体。>>>>>>> 更多
Logo-QIBA[Qingdao International Business Association]
QIBA has been serving the foreign community for many years now providing monthly events with presentations and networking functions. Visit their website at []
Logo-Qingdao-foreign-affairs[Foreign Affairs Qingdao]
It is important for foreigners to have access and support to the Foreign Affairs Bureau for general facts or if you have some problem requiring governmental support >>>>>>> Read More.
Logo-TM-International[Toastmasters Huangdao]
Toastmasters is a International Public Speaking and Leadership Training organization that has been operating worldwide for over 75 years. It is an excellent place to meeting some new people, develop leadership and communication skills. Huangdao has an English Club that meets every Wednesday evening at 7pm at the Motai Hotel across from main Government Building. >>>>>>> Read More.
Taishan-beer-Huangdao[Taishan Beer Delivered]
Do you want a healthy beer delivered to your party, house or activity? Soaring Wang sell this excellent fresh brewed Taishan beer to you >>>>>>> Read More.
Teeth-common-pathologies[Dental and Medical Services Huangdao]
This page lists a quality dental clinic in Huangdao and many of the local hospitals if you’re in need of medical or dental services. >>>>>>> Read More.
Stationary-Store-1Stationary-StoreStationary Store
Whether you need top quality stationery for business, social events or your wedding, this stationary store offers a wide variety of note cards, invitations, envelopes and more – perfect for any occasion. Featuring collections from top quality stationery companies.
Address: No.427 Wuyishan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao.
Tel: 0532-86891700 0532-86891800

Pet-Shop-1Pet-Shop-2Pet Shop
They welcome you to the Pets Direct Family where our mission is to build a lifelong relationship with you and your pets.
Address: No.77 Qiantangjiang Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao.
Tel: 0532-86887257 0532-86971195


Many more services to come………………… (Thank you for your patience)

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