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Articles and Information Page

This page is designed to provide real life information, articles, and resources to help foreigners better understand and navigate Huangdao, Qingdao and or Shandong. (and China for that matter) Resources to learn, develop and share in ways for us to live healthier, happier and more contributive lives as foreigners living in China.

Image-Bili-Logo[Co-Developing Products & Companies]
Bili International is interested in join forces and merge skills and resources to co-develop new products, services and or start companies in Huangdao.
China Dialogue Series
A small group of us that have lived in China for 8-15 years have had regular GoTo Meetings to discuss working, and living in China. From our dialogues we have created a series of articles dealing with real life issues and how best to handle them. The below links are articles that came from that dialogue.
[Partnership in China]
[Science of Gratitude]
[Applications from the Science of Happiness]
[Preparing your Toddler for Pre-School in China]
There is nothing special about preparing your child for pre-school in China except for having to get a health check, a finger prick blood test to screen for common transmittable diseases by an appointed medical institution. In China children eat lunch and nap at the kindergarten so we had to buy the bedding (blanket & mattress), hand washing towel, indoor/outdoor drinking glass, bowl/plate, indoor/outdoor shoes, and rain coat/boots that is stored and used at the school.
[Mandarin Learning Guide]
For busy adults that don’t plan on taking any classes this guide gives you the fundamentals to picking up the language.
[Cross-Cultural Training Practices for North American and European Expatriates in China: A Delphi Study]
A PhD dissertation from a friend of ours that surveyed business people in Qingdao and Huangdao. The purpose of this Delphi study was to explore the strategies and techniques used to prepare expatriates before relocating to China.
This essay argues that cultural policy is also a reflection of the social, cultural as well as political perspectives of a nation. With scant academic research specifically focusing on China’s cultural policy to refer to, this essay aims to shed some lights on how cultural policy in China is managed politically and economically.
For those setting up businesses, hiring employees and want to know the official rules and regulations regarding labor law for employees and employers in English.
For a full list of industrial parks to build or lease a factory on please visit my company page by clicking the above link.
The basic documents and costs for setting up a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) in Shandong. This document is a little out-of-date but everything in here is still required to start a factory or significant foreign company with rights to export or hire employees.
This document is a template that you can use to create a manufacturing agreement or contract. It may help you to think about the key parts of an agreement to ensure everyone is on the same page and properly protected.
[Chinglish = Chinese English]
Proof that English teachers are still needed. Here is some of the Chinglish signs you will find in and around Huangdao.

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