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Health & Fitness Centers


There are many health and fitness centers in Kaifaqu. I will introduce some good services of them, including: Impulse Fitness Center, Yoga Center, Golden Body Fitness Center, and Qianxilong Fitness Center.

Impulse fitness club is located in the third floor of century mall, high-grade fine children’s fitness, 2000 square meters large fitness area, 80 square meters of high temperature yoga room, 260 square meters of aerobic exercise room, 80 square meters of business sweat stream room, the brand new fitness equipment, fashionable and popular fitness course, rich and colorful member activity facilities perfect considerate service, make you happy fitness, perfect model form. Development zone yoga center has high temperature yoga, the sweat evaporate leisure, aerobics class, indoor cycling, yoga, pilates, strike fuck, belly dance, Latin dance, strength, the form ballet, aerobic pace, aerobics, body shaping, hip-hop, jazz dance, ping-pong, table tennis, board room, children’s fitness, parent and child field, business leisure and so on.

Gold Body fitness club, founded in 1990, now total of four stores, Qingdao development zone store is located in development zone century mall four floor, business area of 3200 square meters, the club use membership mode of operation, professional coach team, all through the international professional system authentication, they awards in many professional competition. There have more than 150 quarter popular fitness course setting every month and more than 20 the most international popular course, international top strength training equipment, and strive to bring every member of the active and healthy body, happy mood and expand the relaxed social opportunity to make friends, this club has capacious and bright fitness club hall, authentic South Korea bath, acupuncture massage bath, loess room, agate room and so on.

Qianxilong Fitness Center is the only constant temperature swimming pool in development zone, with the United States DIESEL and South Korea Taiyong top international fitness facilities, fashionable squash museum, table tennis ball machines automatic, outdoor tennis, graceful leisure bar, and it also has children’s swimming class, adult swim class, reduce weight to private teach, swimming private teaching and so on.

Hours of Operation & Directions:

Opening time is 8:30am – 9:30pm and holiday prior notice. Membership card production price: three years card price: RMB2199, two years card price: RMB1680, one year card price: RMB1077, half year card price: RMB900, season card price: RMB700, one month card: RMB480, once card price: RMB60 and group purchase price: RMB888.

Location: How to get to the Health & Fitness Centers?

Impulse Fitness Center and Golden Body Fitness Center is located in #433 Changjiang Middle Road, impulse fitness club is in the third floor and Golden body fitness club is in the fourth floor, along the jiqing high speed to high speed of Jiaozhou bay, and then you see the Jiangshan Road after get off the speedway, go straight to bus station, you will see them. Impulse fitness club phone number: +86 532 86999633, and Gold Body fitness club phone number: +86 532 96699555.

Take ferry or speedster from Qingdao ferry to Huangdao, then take 18 bus to Xinjiekou, then take 6 bus across the way, the destination is Liuhuapo . You will see the Qingdao Wildlife Park.

Qianxilong Fitness Center is locate in #167 Wuyishan Road, it is nearby the Qianxilong Garden, You can take tunnel from Qingdao to Kaifaqu, transfer 31 bus, get off in People square, then turn right and go straight, you will see Qianxilong Fitness Center. PC: 266555, contract person: Mrs.Yu, and Phone number: 13697688448.

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