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We are building the most comprehensive English based website to support foreigners living and working from this area. If you would like to be involved and/or cooperate in the development share your good ideas or offer products and services, please [contact us].


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Co-Developer – Co-Founder

A new concept of partnership to design and launch new products, create new services and start new companies.

Zhucheng Dragon

In this highly competitive world of business “collaboration” is the new buzz word. Being truly creative and developing innovative products and services requires “out of the box” thinking and a diverse team of individuals across multiple disciplines feeding new ideas and building new products and services.

Daniel has 15 years experience developing products and starting companies in Qingdao, China. With dozens of new product developments and the setting up of many companies Daniel is looking for unique partnerships to bring his skills and experience to the table to help form new products, services and start new companies in the very exciting and booming area we call Huangdao.

Huangdao is one of the most attractive places to live in Northern part of China, and possibly in the whole country. Qingdao is a world-class city with the Head Quarters of China’s first Multi-nationals like Haier and Qingdao Beer. Huangdao is attracting huge investment from major hotel chains, Multi-national foreign brand corporations, universities, entertainment and tourism like you wouldn’t believe.

Daniel offers business consulting services to help you build your Huangdao company but I am more interested in join forces and merging skills and resources to co-develop new products, services and or start companies.

Daniel is interested in unique partnerships that can be short or long-term depending on the project’s needs.


Co-Develop Products & Services:
– Co-Partner to develop unique products and setup the manufacturing.
– Co-Partner to start new companies and create the operating systems, find the people and build the teams to set realistic goals.


Want to co-develop a FabLab in Huangdao?
If you are a small or large company looking to truly innovate and could benefit from a highly creative space, broad set of tools and equipment for your people to engage, collaborate and build innovative products and service then maybe the FabLab concept is just what your company needs?

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur and want to partner on a facility that is fully equipped for creative work and want invite the public to join and express their creative skills?

Daniel is currently seeking creative individuals or even a group from a company to setup a FabLab type creative work space for product design and development. Daniel has almost all the tools and equipment to equip a lab, lots of experience designing new products, building prototypes, and all the good stuff that happens we cool people connect in creative and productive environments.


What is a “FabLab”?
A fab lab is typically an open facility equipped with a variety of tools, machines and equipment that allow individuals to design, build and prototype new and innovative products. The Labs have the aim that anyone can make “almost anything”. The fab lab movement is closely aligned with the DIY, Makerspace the open source hardware and the open source movement, and shares philosophy as well as technology with them. []


[FAB10 Documentary]

[Neil Gershenfeld The Third Digital Revolution – Solid 2014 Keynote]

[Programming a new reality _ Neil Gershenfeld _ TEDxCERN]


FabLab China:
David Li the founder of Shenzhen FabLab has played a key role in the development of MakerSpaces and FabLabs for China. I have been to the Shenzhen facility and met with David who is very supportive of getting a FabLab going in this area.


SZOIL Website: []

SZOIL Brochure: [SZOIL-Makerspace-20150820.pdf]

Let’s work together to develop new products and service for this booming Huangdao and beyond. Please visit my corporate website [] or [contact us] to connect and discuss how getting together to create creative and innovative workspaces, start a local FabLab and or build new products and businesses.

General Manager
Qingdao Bili International Co., Ltd

Daniel A. Janssen

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